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Inscription : 27 Fév 2018
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Sujet du message : Can you browse your internet while connecting AVG Secure VPN?
Lien permanentposté le : 15 Nov 2018, 07:13

AVG is the most sought-after antivirus software family that offers the paid and free-version to the users. Both the versions are compatible for different operating systems. Moreover, this reputed antivirus brand has been tested many times and placed on top 10 antivirus lists.Needless to say, while connecting AVG Secure VPN(download link: your internet speed may interrupt or slow down.

Here are few steps by following them you can browse your internet while connecting to AVG Secure VPN on Windows:

  •          First, check the signal speed of your WIFI
  •          You must accept the terms and conditions of the WiFi hotspot provider. If not then, open your browser and accept the terms and conditions
  •          You can use the different browser
  •          Ensure the proper working of your DNS resolver (in windows 8 or later). If not then, disable the smart multi-homed name resolution service

In case of AVG Secure VPN does not able to establish connection

  •          First of all, check your internet connection if it works without connecting AVG Secure VPN.
  •          Try to browse the web without connecting AVG Secure VPN
  •          Check your network configuration if it still does not work
  •          You can also select different AVG Secure VPN location
  •          Make sure you have disconnected the other VPN services running on your PC. If that so, then AVG VPN Service might not work
  •          Restart your PC and then again connect to the AVG Secure VPN
  •          You may also check the configuration of your firewall because firewall configuration may vary according to the service provider and manufacturer.  Go through the related document information on how to run a VPN
  •          AVG Secure VPN subscription is on active mode. You can check by going on AVG Secure VPN screen, click ‘Settings’ and check your subscription  status
  •          If the problem still persists consider to un-install and re-install

You can also take help by calling the AVG Tech Support Phone number.


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