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Inscription : 19 Jan 2018
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Sujet du message : Learning foreign languages (conclusion part)
Lien permanentposté le : 13 Fév 2018, 07:44

Here's my conclusion to the essay on Foreign Languages research:

"Therefore, I enhanced my French language skills and perfected the chances to complete the work of high level.

The last, but not the least fact is that I joined the scientific society and accepted its fundamentals. In such a way, I received the basic knowledge of what should a researcher know and feel about the ones like himself/herself, what and why he/she should reject and accept. Thus, for instance, a scientist must be strictly convinced in his/her beliefs and prove them to be valuable. In this case, I felt an invincible belongingness need and acknowledged my desire to become one of those people who are inspired by the future, who think, who create."

The second part of the conclusion is on shared in the archives section.

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